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As a child, the founder of Farmacopeia grew up in and around a dog rescue. In 2016, his love of pets allowed him to organize and promote the prevention of neglected animals by providing a stable environment for animals by opening a 501 c (3) Dog Rescue Facility. As a non-profit animal shelter, they provided refuge for stray, homeless, and deserted animals.

One of the first dogs they accepted into the rescue arrived with severe allergies. In order to eliminate the itching, scratching, biting, and chewing, they administered the drug Bravecto to him. Unfortunately, he suffered episodes of lethargic idiopathic head tremors characterized by repeated involuntary head and neck muscle contractions.

During this time, CBD was receiving significant media attention in Colorado illustrating the different treatment options to rectify seizures in children. CBD was establishing a name for itself as an alternative healing medication. The national media promoted this groundbreaking innovation as a naturally occurring substance that treats multiple seizure disorders in patients.

As a result, he decided to give the rescue dog hemp treats to prevent the idiopathic head tremors. Although the cannabis potency was of low strength, unfortunately, it took many treats to seek the desired result. The side effect of multiple treats was weight gain. For those reasons, he began to familiarize himself with the CBD industry. Eventually what turned into helping rescue and heal a suffering dog turned into a consumer advocacy watchdog mission to educate the public about his current CBD discovery.

A close friend was fortunate to have his CBD products included in the Colorado double-blind clinical trials at Colorado State University. He is proud to say that the evidence-based research from the Colorado double-blind study concludes that 89% of patients experience moderate to great pain relief by directly plugging pain receptors into overactive nerve cells. Although there is research that still needs to be conducted and tested, there is significant scientific data globally to support the beneficial consumption of CBD. Subsequently, he strongly encouraged his friend to market his CBD product with the intent to become the first CBD retailer for nearly a year.

As a business entrepreneur, he developed his product to complement the current market demand. Through analyzing the CBD market research and the needs of consumers, he strategically formulated and produced the most concentrated full-spectrum and high-grade CBD within the pet industry market at 160 milligrams per milliliter. They call this product “the 8-milligram drop.”

His primary purpose is not only to provide pain relief for pets but to treat chronic pain suffers without the opioid epidemic dependency. At Farmacopeia, they are committed to spreading the knowledge and benefits of CBD with groundbreaking innovations for pets and people. They will always ensure the Farmacopeia products are of the most concentrated full-spectrum and high-grade CBD.


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